Our business mantra is to mix human’s empathy, intelligence, and innovation to render value, quality, and timely service to customer utilizing vantage points from Technology.


Why Diatom Solutions

  • Access to large candidate pool
  • Submit only tested candidates
  • Being human centric, always ready in flexible engagements
  • Transparent culture – tactical time-to-market gains
  • Highly enthusiastic and warm staff

Our Philosophy

Diatoms are responsible for climate change through global carbon fixation and maintaining marine food web.

Fulcrum of leadership and successful projects has become skilled people more than ever as world we are living in is changing faster than ever. Within few years all around us is about to change with the faster adaptation of new technology landscape. We at Diatom Solutions, aims to contribute and maintain the ecological balance of current business among facing various challenges tied to technology, domain expertise, budget, and skill.

Our Belief

Facilitation is the core of our business, which our talented workforce ensures to make it work every single time. We know that dexterity on-time is key to your success and attributing to your next great success story is our purpose.

Our Vision

Diatom Solutions vision is supported by laser focused staff that is determined to exceed your expectation every time. We utilize technology with human touch to create new paradigms. From legacy application support, IT infra to creating, maintaining IT products, creating digital footprints, or utilizing new age technologies, we will find you the best to embrace your vision and to take your organization forward.