Diatom Solutions works with IT, software engineering and data analytics teams catering to their software engineering and IT teams.

Staff Augmentation (3C)

We offer customized staffing models to meet specific requirements of our clients in timely manner.

Full Time/Direct hire

FTE is ideal for a long-term need. FTE positions are permanent with benefits usually. Diatoms is involved during the recruitment and hiring process till an offer is accepted, post which candidate goes directly on the client’s payroll.

Direct hire employees are usually eligible for company benefits such as health, retirement, and PTO, and have the security of a long-term, permanent position.

Contract to hire

Both parties, the employee and the employer, test the waters before committing to full-time employment.

Contract-to-hire (C2H) is a specific means to a specific end.  C2H  agreements outline the length of time a contractor will work for a specific employer. At the end of that set period (6 months), the employer will decide if the  contractor  will be hired as a permanent employee or dismissed.

Temporary hire

Contract Hire is an ideal solution for unpredictable workloads, project work, seasonal peaks, and other limited-term needs, such as a leave of absence. Temp positions typically have a set timeframe.

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